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What is MBI?

The purpose of this website is to provide and transfer money-making ideas to those who have capital but have no new and innovative ideas. You can learn about the idea and the owner, by studying the next steps, and if you want to use it according to the conditions.

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About Me

Know me

I am Mohammad Amin Mohseni from Iran. My university education is an Executive Master of Business Administration's degree (EMBA) from the University of Tehran. I've had more than 8 years of experience in the various fields of IT and I have capabilities like programming and web developing.

My main features are making new ideas and providing a specific solution for a variety of issues. And With my education, my experience and skills; I have great ideas about IT and online services.

Mohammad Amin Mohseni
About Idea

A general introduction to the billionth strategy

As you read in the introduction, the entire purpose of this website is to provide a general overview of an idea and its future. After reading this page, you can contact the owner of the idea and buy the idea from him or participate in it.

Get the first idea!

Business leaders always say that what people need to do is make money. Do our needs in the age of technology are best resolved? Absolutely not.
Every day many startups use this principle and start their own business. Of course, many of these startup failures; and in my opinion, the main reason for their failure is the weakness of the initial ideas. Ideas that lack the main elements of marketing mix.

About Idea

My law: Let's talk straightforward!

Certainly, because of the possibility of copying the idea, it can not be described here. My method is for transferring ideas, negotiating directly after a contract. The method is that you first fully study the conditions for the transfer of ideas. Then, if you wish, you will sign with me. Finally, the idea will be described to you.
So be sure to read the terms of the idea transfer; maybe this idea is for you.

About Idea

Description of my billionth idea:

My idea is an online service. This service has never been used with this style in the world. The turnover of this service is very high and will have many users around the world. It should be noted that my idea is not abstract and ineffective, and can be easily implemented.
Unlike many ideas that require a lot of capital to execute, but this idea does not require much capital and an internet company can easily do it with a few expert employees.

This service can create a huge transformation in the global financial markets, and undoubtedly the company that runs it in the future will have a huge turnover, great annual net profit, and very high credit. Do not overlook this idea for the first time around the world; so you can register it and enjoy it for several years.

Be at the peak with this great idea:

This service is one of the routine activities of many businesses and can therefore quickly attract a lot of users. Like when the letter was at the peak and the emails arrived!

Ideas Earnings

All details have been carefully checked

The first financial advantage of this idea is that we do not need large capital to launch it, which is why the value of this idea is very high. Using this service is free, and this feature will attract a lot of users. The idea is also used as an accelerator and facilitator of other businesses, and a large number of users of this service are businesses.

It can easily be said that if this idea is implemented properly, businesses will not only not prevent it, but will also introduce the service to others. This idea does not require any special hardware, and it is also very easy to use for users. In addition, there will be no financial burden, depreciation, and maintenance costs.

With this idea you can easily become a billionaire!

According to the forecast, the idea could be more than $ 200 million in net annual profit in the second year of its implementation, and the profit will increase in the coming years. It is also anticipated that after five years, the idea would easily be more than $ 1 billion in net profit, and five years later, that amount would reach more than $ 4 billion in net annual gains.

General Conditions

If you would like to take this idea, consider the following:

1. This idea will only be granted to qualified people.

2. We can negotiate financial interests; but we can not negotiate with intellectual property rights! That is, in any case, 100% of the intellectual property of the idea should be for me.

3. I will only negotiate in Iran and present the idea. (If you can not personally travel to Iran, you can send your agent)

4. I will explain the idea only after the financial agreement as well as the contract.

5. Firms or people who are negotiating faster than others will be in the first place.

6. The credibility of companies and individuals will be prioritized.

7. The contract will be made in both Persian and English versions.

8. Persons who do not have the perseverance necessary to achieve their goals can not enter into negotiations at all.

Financial conditions

My condition for the transfer of this idea is not hard and is completely flexible. Just have the courage to run this idea, so that the idea is transmitted to you! So read the following as a financial transition condition:

1. Due to the fact that this idea is very profitable, I have provided flexible terms for transferring it and you can choose one of these items according to your circumstances. My terms include the combination of the percentage of shares and the payable amount, as shown in the table below:

Financial conditions

2. To explain the idea, the amount must be deposited to my bank account.

3. The free plan is for prestigious companies, whose probability of failure to implement the idea is low.

4. In state 2 to 6, your payment will be guaranteed !!!!
This decision is just for your confidence. That is, if the idea is not successful, the amount you paid me will be returned to you.

5. If the idea is explained to you and you are not willing to implement it, the amount will be refunded to you in accordance with the conditions.

6. You must transfer the amount to one of the Iranian banks.

7. The monopoly of implementing this idea in Iran should be reserved for me, or be transferred to the person I introduce.

8. Dividends must be paid annually.

Final Speech

Use the opportunities

Just do a simple search on the Internet to find out that billions of dollars are spent annually on companies purchases. Though many of these startups fail. So, use the good opportunities that are created for you.

Create your own wealth!

One thing to keep in mind is that big businesses always begin with a simple basic idea, and then they can be priced for millions of dollars and perhaps billions of dollars. Looking at the history of Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, and so on, you'll easily notice this. This is the best chance to make your own ideas and get rich.

I am a billionaire!

The main reason for launching this website is to create a buying culture of raw ideas. Otherwise, as I said in the first sections, I'm working on IT and I'm working on some other ideas and I'm sure if anyone does not buy this idea from me today; tomorrow it should buy it from me for billions of dollars. So I'm billionaire with my wealthy ideas.

Finally, I have to emphasize that if anyone does not execute my idea(s), make sure I will execute it.

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